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Our proxies are IP authorized, that means that you need to authorize your IP prior to using them! To do so, please go to the AUTHORIZE IPS page and enter the IP you want to use them with. Normally, that's the one that you also see on that page in bold green. If you use a server, you will need to authorize the server IP aswell. If you don't know the server IP, you can just open the authorization page on your servers web browser and it will be displayed like your normal home IP. If you still need support with these, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you!
After purchase you will be able to use them instantly, just authorize your IP and you can start to GENERATE PROXIES! If you don't get your data added to your dashboard after purchase, please contact us with one of the ways above!
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We can't give a definitive answer to this, because proxy speeds always vary, but we usually have good speeds from 200-1000ms. These are pretty fast speeds, considering that these are real residential proxies. Pretty cool, right?
The proxy data expires 60 days after purchase. If you want to use them for longer, you can just buy more data, every purchase resets the expiry back to 60 days, even for old data. Amazing, isn't it?